The Buildings

Great design contributes to a well-balanced life, and The Well is a space where building design encourages both neighbourly communion and professional motivation. By effortlessly blending a variety of experiences, The Well encourages residents to engage with their surroundings and to live, work and shop with creativity and purpose.


Flexibility is key to the modern workplace, and The Well’s signature office space is designed to help businesses be agile as they grow to meet their evolving needs.

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From international brands to local boutiques, The Well marketplace will feature an impressive array of retail options and food vendors to satisfy gourmands and savvy shoppers alike.

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Spread over six different residential buildings, The Well will provide a mix of beautifully designed living spaces with a variety of floor plans—something to suit every need.

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Image of one of the residential towers at The Well.


The Well is committed to preserving the character of its surroundings through thoughtful architecture and design while incorporating elements that embrace the dynamic future of the city.


The Well’s neighbourhood is a storied one, where hundred-year-old industrial properties have seen the laboured sounds of heavy machinery transformed into the gentle hum of computers and the promising buzz of new ideas. The property will incorporate brick and beam elements into its design to echo this industrial tradition, while glass and steel elements pay homage to an evolving skyline and city.


Pedestrian-friendly pathways will capture the atmosphere of cobblestone streets while also bringing functionality to the property. Glass ceilings and tall, wide windows will allow for plenty of natural light, and an open-air concept will encourage outdoor relaxation while also optimizing space usage for retailers.


It’s essential that The Well maintain the integrity of its Toronto neighbourhood, and in doing so it promises a new and optimistic vision for the future of development in Toronto. A future where it is possible to effectively blend the old with the new—to honour the past while shaping the future.